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Introduction to Strategic Management

MBA core

Offered: Fall 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017, Boston College

The course is designed to provide you with a general understanding of how firms formulate and implement strategies to create competitive advantage. Relying exclusively on the case method, it will expose you to some basic strategy concepts, which will lay the foundation for the Strategic Management core course that you will take later on. The cases chosen for this course will place you in diversity of managerial situations: large multinational firms and small startups, manufacturing and service industries, growing and mature organizations, U.S. and non-U.S. settings. Discussion of these cases will enable you to learn different analytic techniques, and illustrate (1) the essence of strategy, (2) how to understand the external competitive environment, (3) ways to consider beyond the current business landscape, and (4) the role of top management in strategy implementation.



Strategic Management

MBA core

Offered: Spring 2016, and 2018, Boston College

This course introduces you to a set of analytical frameworks that enable you to explain performance differences among firms and that provide a structure for strategic decisions to enhance firms’ future competitive positions.  Building on the foundation laid by the Introduction to Strategic Management course that you took earlier, we will cover strategy both at the business level (introducing tools of industry analysis and competitive positioning) and at the corporate level (examining how decisions regarding corporate scope –horizontal, vertical, and global– create or destroy value in multibusiness firms).  We will also study strategy implementation, focusing on the organizational structure, systems and processes that are put in place to manage the corporation.  Throughout the course, our viewpoint will be that of the top management team who has responsibility for the long-term health of the entire organization.



Industry and Competitive Analysis

MBA elective

Offered: Spring 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2017, Boston College

The course examines how firms obtain and sustain superior returns through strategy formulation and implementation. We focus on strategies that develop and exploit two principal sources of superior returns: unique value-creating resources and capabilities, and powerful positions in markets and supply chains. The objective of the course is to develop your strategic analysis skills to guide future strategic decisions. This involves gazing into an uncertain future to foresee and exploit changes in the industry and competitive environment. The course presents principles and tools for balancing strategic opportunities and risks. The course is recommended for participants pursuing careers requiring the analysis and formulation of strategic directions for companies (e.g., general management, business development, consulting) or the assessment of long-term profit opportunities within an industry (e.g., investment banking, venture capital, private equity).



Strategic Management (formerly Strategy and Policy)

Undergraduate capstone

Offered: Spring 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2014, Boston College



Business Policy and Strategy in a Global Environment

MBA core

Offered: Summer 2009 and 2010, Koc University






IMAX (A): The Introduction of Digital Media Re-Mastering Technology (2012)

IMAX (B): Ten Years with DMR (2012)

   IMAX (A) & IMAX (B) Teaching Note (2013)

Sengul, M., Venino, A.T., & Gimeno, J., INSEAD case #02/2014-5836

Case A reviews the history of IMAX Corporation from its founding until the introduction of Digital Media Remastering (DMR) technology in 2002. Since its founding, IMAX had struggled to achieve sustainable, profitable growth. The case explores IMAX's difficulties in attracting movie studios and theatres to its platform. Case B describes the changes in the ecosystem implemented after DMR, and the resulting performance.



Metal Can and Container Industry in 2014 (2015)

Sengul, M. & Lee, M., INSEAD case #01/2015-6111

This short case is a companion to the classic "Crown Cork & Seal in 1989" case, documenting the evolution of the metal can and container industry in the quarter-century following the rise of William J. Avery to the CEO position at Crown in 1989. It allows for an analysis of major changes to the industry structure, including concentration, supply and demand conditions, cost components, and technology. The case also reviews the current trends that affect the industry, allowing for a macro-environmental analysis.




Sengul, M., Gimeno, J., & DeBruin, P., INSEAD case (forthcoming)


Analyzing the Competitive Environment

Gimeno, J., Simonovich, D., & Sengul, M. INSEAD teaching note